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Why you should hire a VA?

A virtual assistant is someone who you can delegate all the jobs you don't want to do, don't have time to do or just don't enjoy. As crazy as it might sound, I actually love doing all the behind the scenes work. Answering emails, planning, time management, spreadsheets, these are all things I love to do and invest my time into. By delegating tasks to a virtual assistant you gain more time to invest in the core of your business and passion, and who doesn't love that?!

Cali Pusell | Virtual Assistant
What can I do for you?
Email management

Do your emails feel like they're never ending? Are you not really a fan of social media and would rather not spend your valuable time crafting instagram posts or research the best time to post? I can help you manage enquiries and business related emails so you don't have to stress about it!

Contract and Invoice management

Sick of having to spend valuable time creating, editing, and tracking all the contracts and invoices you receive and send out? Let me take over! I can prep contracts and invoices ready for you to send out to clients. On top of creating each document, I can also manage the tracking of the details including: if invoices have been paid, contracts have been signed, and when the agreement is complete. All to give you more time to spend working on your art! 

General administrative tasks

Are you spending more time on administrative tasks, than you do on the actual core of your business, the stuff you love to do? I can give you some time back by taking over the jobs you just don't want to, or have time to do. This can include; schedule management, scheduling meetings, managing a contact list, preparing and maintain spreadsheets and online records, providing customer services​ and anything else you might need!


Retainer package

If you have a larger project, or require my support on a long term basis, then these packages are for you! All packages are pre-paid and the work is completed over the course of a set period of time which we agree to before work begins. 

Contact for pricing

Project Package

This package offers a set of deliverables by a specific deadline. Projects I can help with can include; setting up social media accounts, developing standard operating produces, automating and streamlining processes, you name it! Depending on the skill and time required for your project, the price of the package can vary. Get in touch with me to learn more about pricing options.

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